How much do you know about the long-awaited durable flick tires at China International Bicycle Show?


The annual China International Bicycle Show will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 5th to 8th. The most anticipated product of this China International Bicycle Show is the Durable Flick Tire. Durable Flick Tire is a new type of non-pneumatic tire that will subvert your perception of tires.

People usually have more contact with pneumatic tires, but air-free tires are gradually recognized by consumers because of their convenience and durability! In order to meet the consumption habits of consumers, many manufacturers of electric vehicles, balance cars and scooters have purchased air-free tires. , to assemble their own vehicles to meet consumer needs. But ordinary air-free tires are not satisfactory in terms of cushioning, shock absorption or durability. The reason why the durable flick tire has become the focus of attention is that it improves the disadvantages of ordinary non-pneumatic tires and makes the car equipped with non-pneumatic tires lighter and more durable.

It is lighter than normal airless tires

Generally, the non-pneumatic tires are made of ordinary rubber. The tires are very heavy, and the resistance from the tires can be obviously felt during the use of the vehicle. The durable light elastic tire is made of new light elastic polymer material (LCRB) injection molding, the same volume will be about 30% lighter than ordinary rubber tires. In addition to the material used in lighter than ordinary rubber tires, the design of the flexible tires adopts a honeycomb design, which further reduces the weight of the tires. Vehicles equipped with flexible tires are more flexible and lightweight.

It is more durable than normal airless tires

Tire wear is a problem that plagues many people, and tire replacement is also a more troublesome thing. As the part of the vehicle and the ground in contact with the ground, it can withstand the "grinding" before it can take on the "heavy task"! The tire manufacturing process used by the Durable Lightweight Tire also takes into account the advantages of the three mainstream tire materials RB, TPU and PU on the market. More reliable than ordinary pneumatic tires in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance!

It has more personality than ordinary airless tires

With the diversification of means of transportation, scooters, balance bikes, electric bicycles, etc. are becoming more and more popular among young consumer groups. Today's young consumers are all about their appearance. If your product has a personality and can attract attention, it will definitely become the choice of consumers! Most of the ordinary non-pneumatic tires use black tires, and there are no bright spots. On the other hand, the durable flick tires are designed with colorful honeycombs. There are a variety of color schemes for you to choose from, and you can also accept personalized customization needs.

It is more environmentally friendly than normal airless tires

The scooter is a representative tool for green travel. Do not let the scooter itself become a source of pollution. The new type of flick polymer material used in the dynamic flick tire can be recycled, solve the shortcomings of traditional rubber that cannot be recycled, greatly improve the utilization efficiency of materials, and make its own contribution to the cause of environmental protection!